14 April 2014

Rejection Mail is always Hurt, Until...

It wasn't my first rejection mail that I've ever received. After the simple 'nice' opening, rejection mail will be always followed by "However, we truly regret...." and a short thank you note which you barely read at all. You know what it means. You understand that you are not the one they are looking for. You failed.

I was there, crying over the rejection mail(s) that I could never change. There were times when I  thought that rejection means a failure. Not good enough. A dead end. Rejected. Wasted. End.

I think it is normal as a human for longing an 'acceptance'. In this industrialized era, we tend to translate 'acceptance' as part of success indicator. As a product of the modernization itself, I accepted the norm as a fact rather than 'an opinion'. It was until I learned it myself on my path towards adulthood. 

As I value 'acceptance' more than rejection, receiving acceptance means a morale boost - only to learn that world is not as simple as Math. There were times, I learned that acceptance letter(s) led me to what I called 'the biggest learning' since it ended up with huge mess. In other times, rejection  means another opportunity. The biggest rejection mail I got teach me that in the end that was the sweetest mail I've ever received. Without that rejection, I won't be here - able fulfilling my dream much sooner than I've expected. Yes, rejection is always hurt, but it lasts until you understand that probably it is the best thing that happened in your life :)


11 April 2014

Is there any Jokowi effect during the legislative election?

The result of massive assumptions on how Jokowi candidacy will support his party electability was finally revealed. Despite PDI-P won the legislative race, most quick count say the party only gain 19-20% votes, much less than previously predicted: 25-30%. There is no Jokowi effect, they say. Even without Jokowi, PDI-P will win the same amount of votes, they say. Is it?

I personally say that Jokowi effect itself that helps PDI-P gain 19-20% votes. Without Jokowi, PDI-P probably gained less than its life-long nemesis - Golkar. I know a lot of swing voters and non-voters decided to vote for PDI-P only after Jokowi candidacy was announced. Even I, myself, was among this group. 

Prior to Jokowi candidacy, I had no hope on this election. Everything seem bleak and I had no idea whose party should I choose. Jokowi gave me excitement to participate in the election. As I was born skeptic, I was never once part of Jokowi fan-boys. However, I must admit that I admire his work and his attitude. He is the best politician I know so far whose track record is the cleanest. Since his days in Solo, Jokowi is the first politician who finally could whisper to Indonesians: A  new hope. At that time, we were very sick with the corrupted, rich, and arrogant politician news. He is the only one who finally fills the positive news on the media -and finally gave hope that there would be the better Indonesia. That there are still good politicians that we can rely on.  No human is perfect, but he is much better option than voting for other president candidates who stumbled on human right, corruption, or evading tax scandal. Knowing that I would vote him as my president, that's why I vote PDI-P as the legislative, though as non-partisan voter I don't perceive PDI-P any better than other political party. And will never be. 
Probably we should see this in the other way around. Not questioning whether Jokowi effect existed in numbers, but look it deeper. Ask yourself: when was the last time you put so much faith in one politician?

03 November 2013

Pepenero: Eating Italian Food with a Style

Greetings from Singapore!

Just realized this post was left behind in draft box. So, I'm posting it now. It used to be reviewed when I took MPK2 module. 
Pepenero starts as a restaurant in Bali. Now, it was growing fast and becoming one of the most popular Italian dish and lounge in Jakarta. I had an opportunity to taste their latest restaurant at Teras Kota BSD, while doing my interview assignment.

They have comfy sofa!
I adore the resto decoration

14 September 2013

4) SUSI BSU Video: Conner Prairie

Another video by Jeff! 
This is when we visited Conner Prairie, Indiana. 
It is a fun historical park where we could learn how the Native American tribe lived in the past. 

They have hot air balloon as well, but you have to pay extra to ride that. Most of my friend took the rid, but I prefer spending my money on burger nearby. However, in case you are interested, you may see the video here

The most fun part?
Every officers are not only wearing the old century clothes, but they also mimic how they speak. 
Even the kids who are volunteers in the program are not allowed to talk about things that had not been known back then. 

For example, just ask them something like "Just use iPad!", they will react like "What is iPad? I guess it is like what my mom used for the horse."
I personally think it is fun to tease them and see the confused look I-need-escape-from-this-topic-ASAP or what-should-I-said-look. 

Ah, you can also take part of the role playing game. Just imagine yourself as the main character of Harvest Moon and you have to meet certain persons in certain places to complete the mission. It was fun!

Unforgettable moment:
My long ago dream has been fulfilled!!!

12 September 2013

3) SUSI BSU Video: The Arrival


The first video by Jeff, a BSU grad who is majoring in T-com, not to mention, very talented movie maker. Oh, and he already secured scholarship to continue the grad school in BSU, as well!

Hopefully it could give you glimpse on our SUSI Story :)

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